Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poor Grandma

Round 1
We started with the youngest to make sure we got some good individuals for Mom and Grandma.

He was only 6 months old and was just the cutest little guy!  I love chubby babies and man he sure did fill the postion.  They seem to be happier for some reason.  He was adorable from head to toe.  He smiled so good and loved all the attention he got.   

Round 2
Cousins!!  This cute little girl is 1 of 2.  2 year old twins that were so adorable.  She was so sweet and a little shy.  She listened so well and did everything I told her to.
This is her sweet 5 year old brother.  He was very polite and did everything he was told.  It was a little harder to get his natural smile to come out.  But after a lot of jokes and "are you kidding me" looks from him I think he finally cracked and let 1 or 2 slip.

Round 3
Well this is were the poor Grandma comes into play.  They came all the way from WYOMING to get a group shot and poor twin #2 would never get in front of the camera.  He was so scared (i think of me) and sad.  We tried everything and he just wasn't feelin it.  Hopefully next time we will be able to get all the grandkids so Grandma will be happy!!

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